Register for Parks Tennis Dublin Summer 2018 Classes


Taking place at Dublin Parks Tennis locations  starting Monday 2nd July – 27th July, coaching is done by qualified/trained coaches and is open to all, irrespective of their tennis experience. Use of all equipment is provided free.

Note: PAY PAL site is  Now Updated for Lucan and Clondalkin

How to Apply

  1. Venues and dates can be viewed here.
  2. Go along to your preferred venue at the date and time specified on the leaflet and register on the day.
  3. You can also pay online by using Paypal for Dublin area tennis classes www.parkstennis.com/pay-online .
  4. Participating Child attends the class for the week on the appropriate dates and times for tennis and fun.
  5. Children can join the programme at any time during the summer weeks.